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Free PC web to Phone Call Directory 

  1. Free PC to Phone Calls. 
  2. Free Phone to Phone calls.
  3. Free Phone to PC
  4. Free Calling Cards.
  5. Free Wake Up Call.
  6. Free PC to PC calls
  7. Low Cost Long Distance Service
  8. Caller ID software
  9. Fax, e-mail, and voice mail
  10. Convert Number to Word
  11. Phone Book (reverse lookups)
  12. Mobile Phone Freebies SMS
  1. Quack.com AOL by phone, access AOL favorite features over any phone. 
  2. MyFree.com - Enter for your chance to win $100,000! 
    Visit today and get a FREE 30 minute phone card. 
  3. Shop for cell phone accessory buy cellular phone or 101cells.com

Free computer web base to phone line calls.

  • Choose from exciting destinations in California, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico the Caribbean! Stay at popular resort-destination hotels. 
    Plus, get a special BONUS- 1000 FREE Minutes of Phone Calls! 
    To claim your FREE air tickets, FREE hotel nights and FREE long distance, Click Now! This will not last long!
  • Visit Access InfoTrack today- receive a 100 minute phone card instantly by email as our special bonus for signing up. Get a personal toll free number complete with your own voice mail box. Make and receive calls through out the USA. Limited Time offer.
  • SmartPrice.com - shop for local and long distance plan online, compare before you signup.
  • FREE Long Distance @ Phone Hog.com free phone call
  • Click Here to call the World  with pc-to-phone call. Learn more about go2call.
  • click here to Try iConnectHere PC to Phone with no obligation. One hour of free PC to Phone calling to anywhere in the US on us! Use iconnethere.com service to call any country in the world for one cheap rate. Talk up to 400 mins anywhere in US and Canada for $1.99.
  • PCCall: Pc to Phone - sign up today online, view pc to phone stat real time
  • FREE CALLS!! Net2Phone Free PC to phone call any US phone customer first 5 minutes. Make phone call from your PC to any phone in the world for as low as 3.9 cent a minute.
  • Freewebcall.com  free unlimited PC-to-PC calling to anywhere in the world. Discount PC to Phone for international calls.
  • www.dialpad.com web to phone long distance and local phone calls to anyone in the United States [no longer free for international users]. There is nothing to download or install, run from a java-applet. Great for people with only one phone line.
  • pc2call.com pc to phone call.
  • MediaRing  PC-to-Phone calls to the United States, and Canada from anywhere in the world! Offer long distance service to anywhere in the world for a small fee. Sorry mediaring no longer offer free call to China.
  • Microsoft messenger service: call free PC to PC, and discount PC to phone, anywhere in the U.S. 
  • Free pc to phone call to Germany at http://www.freitelnet.de/ 
  • Hottelephone offer free unlimited PC to phone calls up to 2 hours of fre calls per month. No software to download, runs from a java applet. Free calls to over 20 countries. Click here to view list.
  • Dialpad.co.kr no longer offer free pc to phone calls to anywhere in the United States and Korea. 
  • Signup now for $6 with 4ecalls.com and use your PC to make 180 minutes of calls from your PC anywhere in the world to any land phone in Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, US.

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Low Cost Long Distance Service

Call anyone from your PC to another PC free.

  • free voice chat at Excite.com, talk to any computer in the world free.
  • freephone.com is offering free PC to PC voice chat via internet.
  • Buddyphone.com free PC to PC voice chat via internet. Software is free for download.
  • Firetalk Free PC to PC voice chat.
  • Hearme.com you can send voice email, voice chat using ICQ pager, add voice chat onto your web site.
  • PalTalk.com you can talk to someone from PC to PC.
  • Ravevar.com free PC to PC chat using your ICQ pager. Shareware available for download.
  • Visitalk offers free PC to PC voice and video communications. Free headset when you register. $10 gift certificate at Amazon.com when you refer 4 friends. 
  • Vocaltec.com free PC to PC voice chat, demo version of software available. 
  • ZeroPlus.com free PC to PC calls. Software required.
  • freephone.com is offering free PC to PC to anywhere in the world.

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Caller ID Software 

  • Active Phone Server: software include these features, answering machine, caller ID you can customize voice/melodies for each phone number and dial phone number one by one and forward message to people. 
  • CallAudit  caller id software
  • TalkingCallerID  caller ID software

Convert your phone number to a word

  • Phonetic.com convert your phone number to a easy remember word.

Phone Books 

  • Qwest Dex Internet Yellow Pages
  • AnyWho.com Reverse lookup from phone number to name and address
  • Whitepages.com same as above
  • 555-1212.com phone book service with reverse lookup, and email address search.
  • Whitepages.com.au, Discover the Time and International Dialing Codes for over 220 countries around the World.
  • Fone Finder public search engine that finds the geographic location of any phone number in the world. You key in a phone number, and it will give you the city, state, country, a flag, map, and links to the area. Fone Finder can also find the country code, area code, and prefix given the city name. You can always find the international country given a phone number. For a growing list of countries, including the USA, Mexico and Canada, Fone Finder will also find the city.

Mobile Phone Pager Freebies

  • Speedia.com  Personalized Content, Calendar and Scheduling, Unified Messaging (E-mail, Fax, Voicemail)
  • Quotecall.com Get Internet content on your mobile phone, pager, or palm computer. News headlines, weather, calendar reminders, horoscopes, wake up calls and more! If you can receive text messages or e-mail, you can use their service.
  • Quios.com supports a unique community of members sending text messages to mobile devices of friends and family through our Q-Messenger! Simply enter a mobile number, select the carrier, type in a message or "click here for fun ideas", and SEND!
  • Stocktrigger.com  you can get stock alert on your cell phone, pager or email, for free.
  • Myemessenger.comTM is your personal digital courier. You can send brief text messages to any alphanumeric wireless device, mobile phone, pager, even a PDA or two-way pager.
  • mtnsms.com you can send short messages to any cellular phone in the world. 
  • hooya.com SMS across the whole world free
  • yahoo.com/wireless/home get Yahoo on  your cell phone, webphone PDA or pager. Note you wireless provider may have surcharges.
  • mobile.msn.com/ get MSN hotmail, MSNBC new, Stock, Sport Scores right to your wireless phone.
  • yourmobile.com.au free ring tone for your cell phone
  • uRemember will then send you reminders via E-mail or Voice Reminders to your home, office, cellular telephone, pager or any other Personal Digital Assistant..
  • imbot.com send text message to any phone and IMbot server will converts text to voice. Click here to learn more about Imbot

Play song with your touch tone phone
Funny answering machine messages
AT&T site, you can convert Text to Speech, select a male or female voice.
Another free phone call site http://www.free-long-distance-phone-call.com and pc-to-phone-call.com 

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  • Hotcaller.com Site Down! offer free PC to phone calls to over 50 countries throughout the world. In order to make a free long distance call you must view a brief commercial message. One commercial  message is worth  2 minute of free calls to USA or Canada. Click here to view countries.
  • I-Talk EXPIRED you can call from PC to Phone free. The software is in testing, check back to there web site for download date.
  • MyFreeLD.com -As of 1/1/1 we have temporarily discontinued all FREE PC to Phone calling!
  • IP800.com SITE DOWN free PC to Phone calls to China & Hong Kong.  
  • e001.com free pc to telephone call to Singapore and Hong Kong no software to download. They will adding more countries in Asia. *site temporary down 


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